Varadero Ibiza is committed to environmental protection. For this reason, proper waste management, pollution prevention and the rational use of resources are the pillars of Varadero Ibiza's environmental policy, a shipyard that minimises the environmental impact of its activity to the minimum.

As part of this commitment, Varadero Ibiza has joined the EMAS Registry of Balearic companies since 2016, thus demonstrating the incorporation of environmental criteria in its activity with the aim of reducing the environmental impacts generated. See the environmental statement here.


 Varadero Ibiza's commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention has been strengthened in 2016 after the "Carbon Footprint" Registration, thus proving the policy of CO2 reduction to the atmosphereUsers of Varadero Ibiza facilities are urged to act responsibly in regards to electricity and water consumption.

Discharging sewage or bilge on the port platform or dumping it into the sea is strictly forbidden. Users must use to Varadero Ibiza facilities to deposit their waste in the appropriate containers.

Anchoring on Posidonia is prohibited. Maintaining the Posodonia is essential to preserve the marine environment and it is everyone's responsibility to help maintain it


Thank you for your cooperation


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