tuv3Tanit Ibiza Port, S.A., located at Muelle Pesquero, s/n, in the Port of Ibiza, provides berths and boatyard yacht repair & refit services and the management of 64 berths of the marina Pantalán de la Cuarentena, located at Avenida Gabriel Roca, s/n (Paseo Marítimo), in Palma de Mallorca. In keeping with our deep-rooted commitment towards constant improvement, we have opted to manage our company through an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
Tanit Ibiza Port, S.A. - Varadero Ibiza hereby publishes its Quality Control, Environmental Management and Health & Safety in the Workplace Policy, incorporated within the company's strategy, whose global objectives are:


  • To design and provide company structure with the written, technical, production and administrative aspects in order to guarantee the fulfilment of our clients' needs with regard to all our products and services.
  • To comply with the applicable legal and mandatory requirements, and all other requirements which the company may endorse.
  • To focus business operations in order to achieve the highest level possible of client satisfaction, by means of personalised attention according to their needs.
  • To accomplish the participation and involvement of the entire company workforce in the fulfilment and development of the Integrated Management System.To fully understand the impact of our operations on the environment, thereby correctly managing all waste products and minimising significant environmental impact.
  • To prevent contamination and to rationalise resources.
  • To guarantee that the commitment towards constant improvement is clearly understood by all employees, as a cornerstone to ensuring company competitiveness and maximum client satisfaction.
  • To reach and maintain a high level of health and safety in the workplace and a constant improvement in working conditions and health & safety management, thereby preventing any injury or work-related illness through the integration and awareness of all members of the company, in addition to third parties and shareholders.


Tanit Ibiza Port S.A. - Varadero Ibiza
Muelle Pesquero - Ed. Los Portuarios - 07800 - Ibiza - España
Tel.: +34 971 806 755 - Fax: +34 971 806 836 - info@varaderoibiza.com
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